C- 5 Clusters Flat Rate Shipping Included

$ 49.95

– We have 5 miscanthus clusters in a flat rate box for $49.95, this includes shipping

– Planting time is garden planting time in your area (60 degrees average soil temperature).

– Available only in the spring (April 1st-June 7th).

– Please allow a week before your reception date.

– Please call/message with questions

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Miscanthus Clusters specially packaged for flat rate shipping via USPS with shipping charges included.

A rhizome cluster is a grouping of rhizomes. The benefit is more growth the first year and most likely full height the second year. Rhizome Clusters are always hand planted, as they are to large for any machine-type planting.

This product is shipped bare root, without dirt. Moist chopped miscanthus added for moisture control.


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